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05 December 2019

Join the webinar: "7 new features and integrations with Galileosky devices"

Attend the webinar "7 new features and integrations with Galileosky devices" where you will discover how to upload ddd-files from the tachograph and transmit it to the server, operate with new electric meters, pressure control systems, weight indicators and other devices for more effective Galileosky tracking devices application.

Take part in a webinar to find out:

  • Settings for data transfer from the tachograph to the monitoring server;
  • Use of various electric meters in projects;
  • Possibilities of obtaining data on the operation of Caterpillar by VIMS;
  • New useful integrations and more.

Date: Tuesday, 12 December

Time: 12:00 p.m. (GMT)

Each participant of the webinar will be able to get answers to questions in the live chat.

Please, register to make sure you get a place!