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28 September 2018

Galileosky tracking devices now detect GSM “jammers”

Galileosky developers create new functional opportunity for GPS trackers – detection of GSM signal jamming. The new feature is available in the firmware 19.4 for the Galileosky 7 и Galileosky Base Block tracking devices.

The market is overloaded with all sorts of different “jammers”, which are likely used by dishonest drivers. The “jammer” blocks the frequency waves within its reach. When the GSM signal is muffled the tracking device stops sending messages. It is very difficult to prove that “jammer” is being used, because drivers can always refer to a bad GSM connection.

Now tracking devices detect GSM “jammers”. On the Easy Logic tab in the “Configurator” program one can customize the response to the dispatcher’s warnings about jamming. Additionally, you can activate an alert for the driver and block the fuel supply, given that the vehicle is not in motion. Scenarios and reactions may vary. The new feature allows determine the driver violations, and with Easy Logic technology – adjust the reaction according to the client’s requirements.