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20 March 2020

Galileosky tracking devices control bus fare in Ecuador

The bus carrier Reina del Quinche installs Galileosky GPS tracking devices on buses in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The devices of Russian hardware manufacturer solve the problem of lack of revenue due to a driver and ticket control illegal acts.

In Ecuador, people pay for bus to the driver or ticket control without using cash desks, therefore, the income depends on their honesty. Sometimes the shortage per month reaches 30-40% throughout the fleet daily.

The fleet management provider Mivilsoft S.A puts forward a solution based on passenger counters and Galileosky Base Block Optimum devices. Moreover, the bus company receives accurate location data for each bus.

In four months, Reina del Quinche Company returns the funds invested in the solution and now sells tickets by 28% more than before.

Jose Miranda, Chief Officer at Mivilsoft S.A

– We selected Galileosky devices for their quality. Galileosky creates reliable devices that are resistant to electromagnetic interference and vandalism attempts, which also provide high accuracy of geolocation.

Julia Rokka, Galileosky Business Development Officer:

– This example proves the wide range of capabilities of Galileosky devices. Our tracking devices are used to solve various business tasks: from vehicles and stationary objects monitoring to industrial automation.