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25 March 2019

Galileosky releases new mobile app for data transmission over Wi-Fi

Easy Keeper Galileosky in Google play

Galileosky releases the new free mobile Android application “Easy Keeper”, which allows to receive data from GPS trackers via Wi-Fi and transfer them to monitoring software.

You can use “Easy Keeper” App to collect and transmit GPS tracking devices data in areas with weak GSM signal or no coverage at all. The new development outperforms market alternative solutions significantly, which are furthermore much more expensive.

To collect data one needs to equip the fleet with Galileosky trackers that support Wi-Fi, either Base Block version or 7.0, and install the “Easy Keeper” App on the onsite supervisor’s smartphone. Then a supervisor can visit locations, where excavators, graders, harvesters or other special machinery operate and download all the data to the App. When coming back to GSM or Wi-Fi network area the data is uploaded to a monitoring server in a few clicks.

The “Easy Keeper” App reach on average 15 meters depending on a smartphone. It allows receiving data from 10 trackers simultaneously. Download the “Easy Keeper” application for Android in Google Play. To find out more details on how to use this app examine the step-by-step user guide or contact our technical support team.