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01 July 2019

Galileosky launches Easy Logic Creators tutorial video series

Galileosky launches short training video series Easy Logic Creators for everyone to master exclusive Easy Logic technology. 5 videos are already available in Russian, English, and Spanish on the official YouTube channel. Don’t miss future uploads.

Easy Logic Creators video series is a guide on technology in a new format that will help to find answers to any questions, for both beginners and experienced users. Galileosky technical support specialists run step-by-step tutorial about technology from the basics to the creation of complex algorithms.

«Creating this video course, we tried to explain how to use technology in an easy way. That is why videos are about two minutes long. And series are built up in such a way that everybody can decide to watch the whole course in sequence or to choose the most interesting topic», – the author of the course and technical support specialist of Galileosky shares the idea of its creation.

First tutorial videos will be especially interesting for those who are not familiar or not experienced enough in creating algorithms. Series says how to start working with Easy Logic and about its interface. It is also shown how to upload algorithm to a GPS tracker and how to save it.

You can also learn basic algorithmic skills in other ways. You can enroll in Easy Logic Basic online course or send a request for individual training.