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10 December 2019

Galileosky allows to upload ddd-files from AETR tachograph

The Galileosky developers made it possible to upload ddd-files from the driver card for the Continental VDO 1381 European Standard Tachograph (AETR) remotely and automatically transfer data to the monitoring server. The new feature reduces the time to get information about the work and rest of a driver, travel time and violations.

Now you don't need to spend time manually connecting to each vehicle every time when you need to upload and send data from the VDO Continental tachograph to the monitoring server. According to European standards requirements every 28 days you can ensure the files transfer from the tachograph in ddd-format to the server. Galileosky allows you to receive data automatically or via command from monitoring software. You can download the information received over a period of time from the server for further analysis and management of the drivers.

You can find more details about the necessary settings for uploading ddd-files and transferring data to the server at the webinar “7 new features and integrations with Galileosky devices”, which will be held on December 12 at 12:00 (GMT).