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10 March 2020

Exigner Driver App offers new features

Galileosky developers have added new useful features and functions to web and mobile versions of Exigner Driver App. The application becomes more convenient for dashboard creators as well as for drivers. Such significant changes in unit data operation are also introduced: a selection of the needed parameter, its display, modification, and access to it. Moreover, the mobile application is more user-friendly for drivers.

To make new features available, you need to update the app on Google Play.

Create roles for different units

A new feature of the app is the role assignment for different tracking devices. Now, every Exigner Driver App user can define trackers, fix their roles and control various parameters. For instance, one unit is used to monitor tow truck operation parameters, the second one – to monitor the trailer freezer. In this case, in data sources the user indicates two different units and gives names to each: “truck” and “trailer” to ease the further work. Thus, you can customize the work of a large fleet by creating sources with linked roles without editing a dashboard.

Tracking device name

Data from different units are available on one dashboard

A useful feature of Exigner - now in the mobile application you can display data from several units in different widgets on one dashboard.

After the role selection, create widgets and select the desired role for them. To display data from the truck-trailer combination, make one widget to be responsible for the role "tow truck", and the other for the "trailer".

Three times easier for the driver

The usage of the application has become faster and easier, especially for drivers. Since now there is no need to know the IMEI of the device, go to different tabs, select the required device, look for the dashboard and wait for the connection.

Just open the application and select a car number, for example, “Truck 1AAA011”. The app will automatically open the dashboard that is referred to as this source and search the unit via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In this case, the search will take no more than a minute.

For those users who have access only to one data source and one dashboard, the dashboard with customized widgets will be automatically opened in the mobile application.


Remote access

A driver can view data in the mobile application not only while driving the car but even outside the cabin. In the online version, data is synchronized with the server and it gives the opportunity to see the information from any place under GSM coverage. When the driver stops to have lunch, he will be able to check the truck’s data even from a cafe, without a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

Unique access rights for different users

The new opportunity allows to provide access rights not only to dashboards but also to data sources. The dashboard creator can let the fleet operator monitor various dashboards and sources, and let the driver view only one source within the same dashboard. Flexible settings enable to display more information to the admin and simplify the drivers to work with the app.

pass for different drivers

Updates are available for Galileosky 7x units with firmware version no lower than 22.9, and for Galileosky 7, Galileosky Base Block and Galileosky OBD-II line trackers with firmware version no lower than 21.18.

On March 19 at 12:00 p.m.(GMT) webinar “It's time to update Exigner Driver App” will be on. Galileosky specialists will show how convenient it is to use the application in different cases and show new features live.