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04 March 2020

Galileosky Configurator: new February features

New features and improvements for Galileosky GPS trackers are now available in the new "Configurator” version 4.19.12, including flexible settings with CAN data, new CAN Scanner features, polygonal geofences creation, Easy Logic application, and others. Moreover, Exigner Driver App updates are available with the new Galileosky firmware version.

The new firmware 22.9 for the Galileosky 7x devices, firmware 21.18 for the Galileosky 7 and Galileosky Base Block devices and 232.1 stable firmware for Galileosky v 5.0, v 5.1, v 4.0, v 2.5, were added last month.

Galileosky developers have added two CAN interfaces support for using CAN data in Easy Logic algorithms. Now you can select the necessary CAN bus to configure Galileosky 7x tracking devices and create different algorithms for each of them.   

Moreover, the new CAN Scanner interface is available. In addition to supporting two CAN buses, it became possible to leave comments next to each identifier. For your convenience, you can now record information about the found parameters and next time search for new data.

Capabilities for working with polygonal geofences were enhanced for devices that support an SD-card. Now you can create up to 3.500 geofences and configure different settings for each of them. Thus, integrator specialists will be able to solve the problems of even the most non-standard project, where it is important to control every kilometer.

The developers have improved Easy Logic Technology capabilities for the device that supports maximum inputs number – Galileosky 7x C. The technology has added global state variables, counter values, processing permissions for 9-13 inputs. It means that you can use all 10 inputs to control external devices via Easy Logic.

In addition, as for Galileosky 7x, 7 and Base Block devices, in the new firmware are improved:

  • The process of loading Easy Logic algorithms with CAN message processing units;
  • Translation into Spanish for the dialog boxes for “adding a message” and “adding a filter” in the “Configurator” program;
  • Display of the CAN interface number drop-down list;
  • Check of excessive HDOP;
  • Accuracy of compliance with the period of saving points on the SD-card;
  • Work with external devices connected via 1-wire;
  • Sound file playback in the autoinformer module;
  • Configuring the Wi-Fi module from Easy Logic scripts for Galileosky 7.0 Wi-Fi, Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi and Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub trackers;
  • Accuracy of saving points and recording extra point when a vehicle stopped moving;
  • Algorithm for switching between SIM cards;
  • Archive upload and dynamic archive operation;
  • On the “Device” tab in the “Configurator” program, the display of a larger number of CAN data.

For Galileosky v 5.0, v 5.1, v 4.0, v 2.5 devices developers improved sending commands to Easy Logic and optimized algorithms loading time via USB.

You can update your "Configurator" to the latest version of 4.19.12, download here. Follow Configurator updates to install them and use the opportunities of devices to the maximum.