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26 June 2020

7 reasons to upgrade Configurator: June updates

Thanks to new version of Configurator 4.20.1, you can transfer data to any server without reference to Galileosky protocol, receive more CAN data via J1979, use new features to save traffic and for diagnostics. Moreover, it became possible to transfer data from Base Block Wi-Fi Hub to another Hub, which creates an extensive network of information collection, which is especially important out of the GSM coverage area.

In June, Galileosky developers released firmware 24.3 for Galileosky 7x units and firmware 23.4 for Galileosky 7, Galileosky Base Block, and Galileosky OBD-II lines.

1. More freedom to work with any servers

Units of the new Galileosky 7x line can now connect to any server without being bound to the Galileosky protocol. To do this, Easy Logic provides new functions which allow to exchange any data with any server on demand, send and receive SQL samples in random format for response. This possibility expands the use area of the GPS trackers, allows to use them in conjunction with your own platform or even with 1C via user protocols.

2. Less data traffic

Moreover, for Galileosky 7x, Galileosky 7x Plus and Galileosky 7x 3G units, the function of adding files to the ZIP archive has appeared. It increases the speed of downloading data and reduce mobile traffic. The archive is created on the unit’s SD card using command ZipFile or via Easy Logic.

3. High location accuracy

Galileosky 7x, 7 and Base Block units can now work with external NMEA sources for highly accurate positioning of the object with an error of several centimeters. This solution allows to control the thoroughness of fields cultivation in the agricultural industry or movement of the asphalt laying machine during the roads construction.

4. Constant data transfer in the absence of network

Our specialists added a new useful feature for Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub. Now unit can collect data from other Hub devices and transfer it to the server, or further down the chain to another Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub. Thus, it is possible to create an extensive network for collecting information from devices in the absence of a GSM network.

5. Flexible settings for units with Wi-Fi

For Galileosky 7.0 Wi-Fi, Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi and Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub devices, the MAC address of the Wi-Fi module is now displayed on “Device” tab in “Configurator” program. Now it is easier to identify the connection of different devices to network, receive information about signal strength of the access point, to diagnose and configure units as well. This feature is highly convenient when you need to check if the process of downloading the archive from Hub is completed. After that you can switch to data collection and continue working.

Moreover, for Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub it is possible now to select the period for collecting data from other devices in order to regulate the reconnection to the access point independently.

6. Getting more CAN data automatically

We expanded the list of CAN parameters being polled via J1979 protocol for all unit lines. Now devices can receive more CAN data automatically, for example, on fuel consumption and exhaust fumes amount, oil and coolant temperature, fuel system pressure and others.

7. Detailed device diagnostics

The process of device troubleshooting became faster due to more detailed messages. Now user can get not just general information, but also choose a specific area for troubleshooting, for example, get detailed information about file synchronization, the operation of the archive, collector and others.

In addition to new features, Galileosky 7x units get the function of obtaining a list of files inside a folder by command NextFile. Working with CAN bus data and Easy Logic algorithms has been also improved. For Galileosky 7, Base Block and Galileosky OBD-II, Galileosky developers enhanced:

  • Algorithm for using the list of codes of prohibited mobile operators;
  • Synchronization of modified files on the SD card and archive operation;
  • Display of selected CAN tags in the main set;
  • Work with J1979 protocol, timer and CAN bus data cleaning;
  • Work with CAN data from Easy Logic;
  • Algorithm for switching between GPRS and Wi-Fi;
  • Record points at the time of stopping;
  • The period of reconnection to the servers;
  • Stability of working with SD cards.

Firmware update can be done either via USB or remotely via SMS or a command from monitoring software. You can download the new version of “Configurator" here. Check out the change log so you don’t miss an important update.