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30 July 2017

TOP 5 advantages of Galileosky tracking devices to win a tender

Participation in tenders is one of the most effective ways to obtain large and significant contracts in GPS vehicle tracking business. If you succeed, this would drive your integrator company forward and open up larger opportunities. However, it is incredibly difficult to appear in the list of potential suppliers, preparing the technical bid worth it. The winning formula is quite simple: analyze tender instructions and conditions carefully, and select the best product offering, that meets all the necessary technical and quality requirements.

In this article, we would like to reveal, how to excel your competitors in a tender with Galileosky tracking devices.

Exclusive Easy Logic technology

First thing to mention, which is extremely helpful in winning the competition is the unrivaled advantage of Galileosky GPS tracking devices – Easy Logic technology for creating algorithms. It allows extending functional opportunities of the hardware. This is exactly the thing, which will differentiate your company and product offering in front of evaluation committee. Easy Logic enables setting reactions to different events, for instance configuring the beeper activation in case of speeding in a selected geo-fence, or camera shooting when the door is opened.

Custom-made tracking devices

With the unique opportunity to order custom-made tracker, you do not have to beat your brains in search of a suitable solution. Galileosky offers partners to choose the functionality according to the specific requirements of the tender.

For receiving the custom-made devices, it is enough to select the necessary options in addition to the basic set, for example, FAKRA or SMA connector, a cellular communication module, the internal memory capacity. In addition, it is possible to add Wi-Fi support, SIM-chip and many more. The cost of the devices depends on the set of additional options. Thus, your bid would be a total match in terms of the price-quality ratio.

Company status proof and manufacturer’s recommendation

While getting prepared to the tender participation, it is extremely important to make sure that you have all the documents, confirming the status, expertise and experience of your company. A letter of recommendation and an official partner certificate from the manufacturer add value to the integrator-tenderer. Feel free to reach us with the request for these documents; Galileosky specialists can prepare it upon request. Do not neglect demonstrating your team’s skills by providing documents, confirming qualification. In Galileosky, we can organize an e-learning and issue a certificate for your technical engineers. This certificate approves their skills in setting and mounting Galileosky devices.

Proven reliability and high quality

To meet the customers’ needs make sure you offer a reliable and high quality solution. CE marking for a product together with the ISO certificate can be beneficial advantage when participating in both public and private sector tenders. If you are in with Galileosky devices, there is nothing to worry about. CE marking guarantees the quality of GPS trackers and ISO 9001-2015 certificate proves compliance with the highest standards of Quality Management System, ensuring all production and business processes at the enterprise are strictly regulated and followed.

Comprehensive and prompt assistance from Galileosky team

Very often, it’s hard to follow the tendering instructions and prepare the bid responding to all the criteria without a qualified help. With Galileosky, your personal manager will provide you an in-depth consultation at each tendering stage. From the very beginning, when you need to analyze the tender requirements and weigh up the chances to win, to choose the best suitable solution and discuss the special price for the supply, you as our partner will receive a guided assistance.

Many integrators do not even try the tender opportunity, doubting the justice of procedure. Nevertheless, the crucial criteria for the win are the price-quality ratio of the offer, company’s experience, qualification and status. Reliable Galileosky tracking devices, verified by external expertise, together with the manufacturer's team support will significantly increase your chances for success.

The sooner you contact Galileosky team to assess the tender technical requirements the more likely you are to win.