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28 November 2017

Start GPS tracking business with GPSWOX white label software and Galileosky trackers

Starting a GPS tracking business can be quite simple when you deal with ready-made reliable solutions. One of the most reliable and advanced Galileosky GPS trackers accompanied with top white label software from GPSWOX will help you to succeed.


Suitable for any type of business and industry GPSWOX platform is easy to use and flexible enough to meet any GPS tracking needs. The solution has all the necessary features to fulfil tracking in real-time or other monitoring tasks and works in any country with the possibility to localize it to your language. Furthermore, by choosing white-label software you get full branding capabilities: your own server name, logo, design.


With this universal and full-featured platform, one can view all the necessary information about the tracking objects: driving hours, stopovers, distance traveled, speed, petrol consumption, driving behavior, etc. Furthermore, getting notifications via e-mail, mobile App or SMS you can get instant alerts about the tracking object, for example, when exiting the set geo-zone, the driver is speeding, if the vehicle has been stolen as well as the engine turns on/off.

What is more convenient you can choose whether to use Google, Satellite or OSM map and download and review reports in formats you like: XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT.



To create your own unique design it is possible to insert your own logo, modify login page, add wallpaper, change colors and templates, etc. All changes can be easily done in admin panel. Mobile GPS tracking apps, available on IOS, Android and Windows, can be also branded with your logo, name and translation. You will be able to add your apps to App Store, Google Play or Windows Store.

software branding


In addition to providing excellent user experience, GPSWOX is reasonably priced. You can choose to pay a monthly fee, depending on the number of objects you track or save money on a long term – buying a lifetime license, which allows tracking the unlimited number of objects and users. The software is easy to install and can be hosted on GPSWOX cloud servers or on your own.

Why Galileosky?

After clarifying all the details considering the software, you need to choose GPS hardware. To get higher results in GPS tracking business pick high-quality and multifunctional product. Galileosky devices are most reliable at the market and suit for both basic and sophisticated tasks.

Galileosky product range includes trackers with opportunity to connect lots of external devices thanks to RS232, RS485 and 1-wire support. With an exclusive Galileosky technology, which implies setting reactions to different events, one can customize solution for his own needs and solve monitoring tasks of any complexity.

If you decide to work with GPSWOX and Galileosky the engineers will handle technical support for you for free. You will also receive video manuals and necessary marketing materials. Combined with GPSWOX software opportunities Galileosky tracking devices will meet requirements of different target groups and leave your customers happy.

As MarketsandMarkets™ reports, the GPS tracking device market is expected to reach USD 2.89 Billion by 2023 and advance GPS tracker to hold the largest market share in the overall market. So don’t hesitate and start profitable GPS tracking business with white-label GPSWOX software and advanced Galileosky devices today!

Find out more: https://www.gpswox.com/