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17 July 2019

How to prevent cargo theft?

According to the Ministry of Transport, more than 7,5 million tons of cargo are being transported in Russia annually. And around 66,5% of them are transferred by trucks, which are the most vulnerable to theft. Thieves often steal what they can sell quickly: electronics, building materials and medicines. This article reveals the most common cargo thefts, vehicles at the highest risk and effective ways to protect cargo.

Unlike train transportation, truck drivers have to make stops for gas and rest, which makes the job of criminals much easier. The low speed of the truck due to long lifts also increases the probability of penetration into the trailer. The risk of being robbed is getting higher if the vehicle is not equipped with security systems. They can help to protect goods and the driver's cabin and alert about an unauthorized entry.

Most of the hauls are made by long-haul trucks with two most common trailers: isothermal and tented. These trailers differ by body material. For example, if it is hard enough to break into the isothermal trailer while somebody can easily just cut and get inside of the tented one. Sometimes there is nothing but curtain on the tented trailer so breaking in is not a big deal.

Prime target – tented trailers

Tented trailers are the most vulnerable ones because they can protect cargo from rain and snow, but are easy to break in even on the move. In Germany criminals managed to rob the truck at a speed of 120 km/h while moving on the autobahn. The driver saw nothing as there was another car that was performing a distraction – blocking the view through the rearview mirror. In this situation, absolute safety and protection are not guaranteed with stock locks and security seals. These features can only guarantee that the driver won't steal goods from the truck. However, it is not challenging at all for the road bandits. So, freight transportation companies have to take additional measures.

Issues can be solved by installing weight change sensors and connecting them to GPS tracking devices. If the sensor detects weight change it sends an alert to the driver and dispatcher. It is important to implement a sensor system across the entire trailer because criminals can infiltrate from both rear and sides. When the sensor triggers, the dispatcher receives a notification with all the information and the driver gets an instant alert.

You can also connect the photo camera to the tracker. In this case, the dispatcher will receive photos from the inside of the trailer as well.

Isothermal trailers also need to be protected

Isothermal trailers can maintain a certain temperature inside due to heat-insulating walls and high leakproof. Special equipment is not required for that, therefore, isothermal semi-trailers have a relatively small weight. But the fixed temperature is maintained for a limited period, usually for a few days. And cargo theft from this type of trailer is in the second place after tented ones. The side of the van is difficult to break with hand tools, so often robbers get into these trailers through the gate.

For cargo safety, it is enough to implement any analog or digital doors position sensor. When the sensor triggers, it means that someone attempts to penetrate the van. The dispatcher immediately receives a notification with the data about truck location, speed and time. The driver is also informed.

But sensors are just part of the system as you also need to install a proper tracker. It will analyze all data and will decide on how to act. Range of Base Block trackers and Galileosky 7 are reliable in these situations. They are perfectly integrated with various sensors and have a sufficient number of inputs and outputs, therefore, it is easy to establish the stable operation of the sensor and the tracker.

In case of emergency, you can set reactions to different events. Easy Logic technology allows you to significantly simplify the transport monitoring systems implementation.

With the Easy Logic system, you can quickly implement your own scenarios. For example, in case of opened van gate you can set the following actions: sound notification for the driver, instant alert to the dispatcher, etc. If the weight sensors detect a change then a photo is taken.

As a result, the Easy Logic implementation as a cargo security system allows you to avoid financial, time and reputation losses for both companies and drivers.