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27 November 2019

How to improve the efficiency of passenger transport?

According to the Russian Federal State Statistic Service, there are about 60 thousand companies that are engaged in passenger transportation in Russia. Buses alone carry more than 10 billion people annually. The market is becoming more demanding of carriers, obliging them to primarily take care of the safety of people and develop a socially responsible business.

Telematics offers innovative solutions for passenger safety while helping businesses reduce costs and improve fleet management. This article expands on how GPS monitoring makes passenger transportation safer, smarter and more efficient.

Adjust driving style with Eco Driving

According to the traffic inspectors, the accident rate due to bus drivers is increasing. How to monitor compliance with traffic rules and motivate the driver to drive carefully? Advanced vehicle monitoring solutions offer the Eco Driving function, which helps the driver to adhere to the specified speed thresholds, reduces the number of sudden braking, accelerations, and turns.

At the same time, reports on violations are not enough to ensure security at the proper level. It is important to give the driver the opportunity to adjust their driving style in real-time, thus avoiding accidents. For example, by using Galileosky devices, you can set up notifications for the driver in different formats, from light indication or buzzer to voice recording; reminders to fasten your seat belt or turn on your headlights, set different speed thresholds for different geofences.

As a result, the introduction of Eco Driving solutions will build an objective system of penalties for dangerous driving and rewards for careful drivers.

Increase the comfort of passengers 

In addition to improving safety, GPS devices help to make passenger transportation comfortable. Thanks to the integration of devices with information boards and the presence of the auto informer function, you can automatically announce stops and display important messages or advertisements. Taking into account the direction of traffic prevents false alarms during stops that are geographically located in the same zone, but not included in the route.

Real-time monitoring of city buses allows residents to track the progress of the desired route online through an Internet portal or an application.

Account for the number of passengers 

With the help of GPS devices, you can control the allowed limit of seats in buses in order to avoid standing passengers. For example, accurate counting through the integration of sensors for passenger traffic and door opening, as well as cameras configured to trigger these sensors were implemented in Kazakhstan. This decision has not only helped to avoid exceeding the passenger limit but also increased the profitability of the fleet owner by 40%.

The system for automating the passenger number counting has already been implemented thanks to Easy Logic technology by EMAAR Properties, the largest developer in Dubai. The algorithm prescribed in the device controls how many people had arrived at the construction site and the number of free seats in the vehicle. 

Reduce equipment costs

There are many opportunities to optimize the fleet, which will help to reduce costs. For the passenger fleet, in addition to route coordination, it is especially important to monitor the condition of buses from engine speed to clutch status, monitor tire pressure, and fuel supply systems.

Bus prices start from 30,000 dollars, and replacing their components in case of failure is a costly matter. GPS devices allow you to receive online data on engine speed, mileage, fuel consumption, and speed, allowing transport companies to optimize the operation of equipment and plan their maintenance, preventing costly breakdowns during routes. 

Use new ways to reduce fuel costs 

Passenger transport companies already monitor the level of fuel, its consumption, prevent drains, and control refueling by using GPS devices. With Eco-Driving, it is possible to enhance the solution and achieve maximum savings, which allows you to decrease fuel costs by 35% by reducing sudden braking, acceleration, cornering, and engine idle time. 

Be aware who is driving 

Technical features and wide functionality of the devices allow to implement a system of driver authorization using iButton keys and RFID tags. With that, the carrier will always know which driver controls each bus. Additionally, you can set the engine start or the refueling process to be performed only by authorized users.

Partners of Galileosky have already successfully implemented systems to ensure the safety of passenger transport. If your project has non-standard unique tasks, Galileosky specialists will help you find solutions to create an effective project.