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03 August 2020

6 signs that company is ready for vehicle tracking

How to understand that the customer's business has reached the level when GPS monitoring is needed? What signs help to indicate this? How can telematics solutions improve business efficiency? What to put forward to make the project pay off faster? In this article we will answer these and other questions, describe how such problems could be solved with Galileosky equipment and technologies.

1. The fleet is regularly replenished with new equipment and vehicles

The more cars, the more difficult it is to track the location and performance of each vehicle. Using the basic functions, set up the display of cars on the map, and control the loading/ unloading places with geofences.

In order not to lose the warranty for new cars, keep a database of scheduled maintenance.

2. Staff are now harder to control

How to improve efficiency when the number of cars and drivers is growing, and management requires more productivity, speed and quality of order fulfillment? At the same time, it increases the likelihood of an accident and facts of aggressive driving while trying to get the job done faster and earn more. In addition to potential danger of getting into an accident, employees receive fines regularly and company has to pay and deduct from the driver's extra money.

Here is the solution that integrators can offer. First of all, one of the Eco Driving scenarios with Easy Logic could be applied. It helps driver adhere to the set speed thresholds and reduces the number of sudden braking, fast acceleration and sharp cornering. Moreover, fleet owners will always be aware of who is driving now. Wide functionality of Galileosky units allows to implement a driver authorization via iButton keys and RFID tags.

Moreover, the problem can be solved as follows: application for the driver Exigner Driver App makes it possible to display all the current car parameters on a smartphone or tablet screen. For convenience, the size of the widgets could be changed and blocks with the most important parameters are put in the most conspicuous place. If, for some reason, the driver did not notice the problem indication, then owner or dispatcher will receive a notification about a critical parameter and the need to urgently respond to it.

Using the described solutions with perfectly selected peripherals, you can set up a flexible system of sanctions and rewards for careful and disciplined drivers.

3. Fleet maintenance expenses are main items in the reports

Warranty period expires and maintaining costs of a growing fleet have become more tangible? What are the options to save money on equipment maintenance? How to troubleshoot major problems before they happen?

It is difficult to improve the fleet management efficiency without data measurement. In addition to the solutions that we described above, the powerful CAN Scanner tool allows to read any data that is transmitted through CAN bus from any type and model of vehicles. And then transfer it to the monitoring server quickly and easily. By connecting the device to CAN bus, such data as total mileage, engine speed, engine hours, coolant temperature and more are read from the vehicle's standard sensors. Detailed control of the required parameters makes it possible to assess the condition and monitor all necessary car systems.

In addition to control of the technical part, integrators are able to define, set and configure geofences, which borders cars should not cross. Thus, you can change potentially dangerous routes or bypass sections with poor roads or long-term construction works.

4. Employees earn extra money "on side jobs"

In addition to ordinary passenger cars, vehicles with special equipment may be in the fleet. For example, after an official working day, driver of a sideboard crane or sludge pump goes to work on side and uses the resource of equipment in his own interests. In the long term, regular overtime use of equipment can shorten its lifespan by years.

To avoid spending on repairs and maintenance, you can control the duration of the shift and monitor the equipment on the map, as well as deny access to equipment beyond working hours or refuse to start the engine. So that, drivers will only go to official orders and addresses recorded in the reporting documents.

5. End customers’ clients are dissatisfied with the service quality

This feature is more typical for delivery companies and service providers. Timely delivery and quality control of order fulfillment will help to avoid theft and claims for low-quality goods.

The fact that the company uses telematics equipment will become a competitive advantage on the market. For example, 98% of orders are completed on time, or 9 out of 10 customers are satisfied with the speed and quality of work. How can this be achieved?

Determine which routes employees drive, direct the nearest car to the client, or define geofences that will be assigned to each car.

In case of disputes over delivery time or the quality of services performed, owners of the company will have an evidence base that will help to determine exactly where the truth is.

6. You have to rely on "papers" filled in by employees manually

Owners have to rely on reports filled with handwritten data from employees. Drivers declare a specific amount of work performed, but there is no way to check the fact. For example, the company, which owns a bus wash, faced with performed work reports falsification employees.

Integrator helped to solve the problem in the following way: bus drivers used RFID cards with their own identification number. Every time the employees of the car wash scanned their cards, program automatically generates reports that include the time and bus number, and how many washes are left out of the amount paid by the owners. Accurate data control helps to optimize work, make the process of filling out the documents faster and more accurate, and also reduce the risk of errors due to the human factor.

Show this checklist to your potential customer. If he confirms the presence of at least one sign, then it means that it is time to develop a project and save business money.

Personnel control and fleet monitoring will accelerate business growth. Vehicle tracking, information monitoring to improve productivity, lower operating costs and absence of bad driving habits are only several benefits a customer will receive.

Contact our specialists to discuss the details of the project and choose the right solution at an affordable price.