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The LLC "SP VIS-MOS" is one of the leading drilling companies in Russia that provides services in construction of pipeline crossings of increased complexity using trenchless technologies, as well as drilling of directional, vertical, horizontal and multilateral wells for exploitation of various natural resources.

"SP VIS-MOS" pays serious attention to constant technological development, which provides the efficiency increase of drilling process. Since 2014, the company’s top management has decided to fit drilling rigs with satellite monitoring system in order to obtain true picture of equipment operation and control fuel consumption.

In two years the total of 500 Galileosky v 5.0 trackers have been set at drilling rigs in cooperation with PSM Group – distributor of equipment for GPS/GLONASS monitoring of transport systems.

Maksim Shishkov, CEO of PSM Group:

- As soon as the drilling equipment is working mostly out of GSM coverage, to achieve the objectives we have chosen reliable and multipurpose terminals Galileosky v 5.0 for their external memory capacity up to 32 Gb and the opportunity to connect many digital sensors and external devices.

To each terminal installed 8 fuel level sensors have been connected. Then, a regular data uploading on operation of drilling equipment and supporting machinery was arranged via USB with further downloading to Wialon. After that, a dispatcher receives the data.

Aleksei Dolgoi, the Chief Engineer of SP VIS-MOS:

- The application of transport monitoring solutions allowed to achieve fuel economy up to 25%. As a result, we got the payback of investment in a month. Drilling equipment is usually sent to hard-to-reach places, worlds apart, that’s why, we especially appreciate the reliability and long service life of Galileosky trackers.  


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