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Miratorg Bryansk

Agroindustrial holding Miratorg – leading Russian meat-producer and supplier, the largest producer of beef in Russia particular.

Over 60 high-tech Miratorg farms are located all over the country, one of them is in Bryansk Region. Each farm is equipped with the most modern and comfortable cattle-raising facilities, as long as the level of daily care for the animals is crucial for the high quality of beef products.

At the end of 2015 within the Bryansk farm development the pasture was equipped with summer watering gear, controlled by Galileosky v 5.0.

Totally, 300 models of Galileosky v 5.0 have been set, which fit perfectly not only for moving objects monitoring, but stationary objects remote control. Innovative technology Easy Logic for independent programming allows an installer of monitoring systems to set a separate algorithm of actions for each terminal, in case of a certain event.

According to Miratorg technical specialist, remote control of summer watering equipment allowed to make significant resource savings – there is no need to take the road to the place each time. Data on operation of watering equipment are downloaded to Wialon, responsible staff have access to it, so, the process is controlled in real time. For instance, if any failure occurs, the message about it comes up immediately; therefore, one can resolve the problem in a short period of time. The plan for the future is to install about 200 Galileosky terminals due to production expanse in Bryansk.

For the last 3 years, different objects of Miratorg holding have been equipped with more than 3500 different modifications of Galileosky terminals.

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