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Avtolider Penza

LLC TD “Avtolider” company deals with local and international cargo transportation of construction supplies. In December, 2015 company management applied to “First BIT” company, that helps transport enterprises to improve business efficiency by means of satellite monitoring systems.

To rise in profitability and save costs, “Avtolider” company had to install transport control devices. Besides, the task of drivers’ discipline building was to be solved.

Evgeniy Timoshin, the head of a commercial team of “First BIT” company:

- At the moment of apply, a part of a car fleet was equipped with terminals and FLS. We installed Galileosky v5.0 GPS/GLONASS trackers and LS 1D fuel level sensors to the rest of the transport. Implementation was systematic, held at the weekends, so that not to remove cars and continue cargo transportation on a regular basis.

Galileosky terminal detects location of a vehicle, records the time and the route and sends this information to the server. After that, it is processed and sent to a dispatcher. Galileosky v 5.0 is the most functional device that can be installed at any vehicle, besides, 17 sensors can be connected to the terminal.

Marina Gulyashova, the CEO of LLC TD “Avtolider”:

- Due to installed terminals, we’ve got an opportunity to follow our transport in real-time, it helps to optimize the routes, avoid unapproved travels and save costs on fuel. 

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