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Configurator is a service program with intuitively understandable interface used for setting of Galileosky terminals. The program allows to carry out a fine setting of the terminals, including configuration saving, troubleshooting and upgrading of a firmware. If the terminal is in the area of cellular data transmission, the user can set it in remote configuration mode. 

An installation package of the program contains - a driver, a configurator, all necessary documentation for the terminals. 

Follow updates of Configurator and install them. It allows to use opportunities of your devices to the full. The latest version of Configurator operates with all firmware versions. 

A mobile application "Configurator" is available for installation to devices with OS Android and is aimed at mobile monitoring of state and setting of devices. The application contains information on identification and navigation data of the device, state of external devices connected via analog and digital inputs, and also CAN-bus data. The desktop displays basic monitoring parameters (location, speed, time, readings of sensors, etc.). There is an opportunity to set calibration tables for analog inputs 0-7 and digital ports RS232 и RS485.

The application allows to save both the internal and the external device archive. Besides, in configuration mode it is possible to send various commands to the device, including opportunity of setting geofences and signaling mode. Thanks to comfortable navigation and understandable interface, you can always set monitoring parameters and save configuration quickly and easily. 

Application is compatiable with OS Android 3.1 or higher and requires availability of an active USB-Host with virtual COM-port support. 

Firmware upgrade via USB

    1. Download Configurator;

    2. Run Configurator and go to tab "Device". Click "Upgrade firmware" button and choose a necessary firmware; 

    3. The device will move to downloading mode and will reset in 15 seconds. After that the device will automatically restore all settings applied before. 

Remote upgrade

    1. The device should be set for operating with GPRS beforehand; 

    2. To upgrade the terminal to the latest version of a firmware send command «upgrade 0» via USB, GPRS or SMS. The process may take up to 30 minutes, it depends on GSM-communication state. Status of remote firmware can help you to know the stage of upgrading. 

    3. After that the device will automatically restore all settings applied before. 


Version 4.12.33 New opportunities

12.10 stable firmware and 14.1 beta firmware for GALILEOSKY Base Block are added.
Time syncronization using GSM.
Inputs values set blocks and impulse count shutdown blocks in EasyLogic are implemented.


Error of detection of GLONASS aerial connection is fixed.
Sending photo error is fixed.
iButton handling error is fixed.
Wrong coordinates fitering by external power is fixed.


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